Benefits To Supporting Local Restaurants

Supporting local restaurants can be one of the best things you can do for the Twin Cities community. There are many benefits to supporting local restaurants, and when you choose to dine locally, you support the local culinary scene, the local culture, and the local economy.

New Experiences

One of the benefits to supporting local restaurants is finding enjoyment in new experiences. When you visit big-name chain restaurants, there is no novelty – no matter where you are, you know just what to expect. The food, the service style, and the ambiance are just the same as the place down the street.

But when you support local restaurants like Momento Restaurant + Bar, you get one-of-a-kind experiences. Our diverse menu of wood-fired entrees, delicious shareables, and fresh proteins and vegetables make any occasion memorable, and our bar program is unique, approachable and very drinkable.

Supporting Your Friends and Neighbors

Another one of the benefits to supporting local restaurants is that you are supporting people from your own community. Your servers, bartenders, and chefs are your neighbors, friends, and sometimes family. The people who own and work for local restaurants are people from the area. When you support local restaurants like Momento, you are supporting the people of that community and their families. You are supporting a local chef with culinary dreams, local farms, and creating jobs in your own neighborhood.

Developing Regional Style

One of the benefits to supporting local restaurants is that as a patron, you play a role in developing and influencing the cuisine that your community is known for. When you support local restaurants, you are supporting a local chef’s vision, as well as regional flavors and styles. When you dine at local restaurants, you are not only supporting the local economy, but you’re enriching your local culture.

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